Update - Alpha 17.2.0

A new build is up for the game! No longer will you have to drive pointlessly in circles by yourself, there are now enemies to race against! There is a "Race Mode" that you can switch to in the Garage scene to turn that on :)


  • Improved Collision Meshes in the tracks
  • Baked lighting in the oval track
  • Improved particle effects for the kart's jet/exhaust
  • A new 3D starting light replaces the ghetto sprite image
  • A redesigned default Head for the player
  • Custom paint colors to make your kart your own
  • New Race Mode
  • Ai Karts to Race against


Linux_alpha17.2.0.zip 61 MB
Oct 19, 2017
Windows_alpha17.2.0.zip 56 MB
Oct 19, 2017
Mac_alpha17.2.0.zip 74 MB
Oct 19, 2017

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